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It's an eternal question.  We long to know why we're here,  what purpose we serve, and if there is more to life than the mundane lives we live in the day to day.


Where we look for the answers to this question will determine whether we live a life of incredible destiny purpose and promise or settle for merely existing within the crowded little box we've been placed in by ourselves or others.

Journey to Abaddon digs deep into the desperate need we all have to live out the destiny purpose we only dream of in our sleep, when our inner greatness calls us  beyond merely existing and on to truly living.


Who am I?  I am a writer/director/producer in Hollywood. But I am also a mother, a friend, a cheerleader, a confidante, a woman, and soooo much more. Finding the balance in my true identity to live all of that out daily is a test of patience and of wills.


But the deepest part of me longs to tell stories that will change the world. I want to call women all over the world to wander outside of the boxes they've been living in and discover the greatness that was bred within them from the moment they were conceived. I am sounding an alarm, crying out a call to action to be world be HEROES!  I am calling an army of women to discover that, like Willow in Journey to Abaddon, they too are called to take part in an epic adventure to save the World of Man!


Come join the adventure.  Join me on this Journey to Abaddon!



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